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Acoustic Moose Concert Series

At Audio for the Arts


Next live: TBD

In person and Online

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Tandem Press Jazz Series

At Tandem Press

First Fridays of the month during school year

In person and Online

Sunday Afternoon Live

At Chazen Museum of Art

First Sundays of the month except in January

In person and Online

Sunday Afternoon Live with Buzz Kemper
Airs the first Sunday of the month at 2:00pm.

  • Buzz features local artists and local performances from Puccini to Punk to Peruvian Polkas!*

  • [* Peruvian Polkas have ever been played here...but just about everything else has]

Second Sunday (Formerly Third Sunday)
Airs guessed it....second Sunday of the month at 2:00pm! 

  • This hour-long program, shared by Audio for the Arts producer/hosts Audrey Martinovich, Noah Gilfillan and Buzz Kemper, is a virtual cornucopia of music we've recorded, music which intrigues us, and music we just enjoy.

Sunday Afternoon Live at the Chazen
Airs the third Sunday of each month at 2:00pm

  • Audio for the Arts re-mixes that month's SAL at the Chazen chamber music program for broadcast on WVMO. Lori Skelton is your host.

Acoustic Moose

Airs the third Friday of the month at 10pm. 

  • This program features in-studio performances recorded at Audio for the Arts, either from our own Acoustic Moose concert series, from the progressive jazz series put on by Bluestem Jazz, or just fun performances that happen in our space.

Check out our monthly radio shows on 98.7 WVMO!

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